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deviation in storage by co515130



I wonder why I still care for this single account on this single website...oh I know! DEDICATION
I kept hearing an OC named 'Strider', he seems to be very famous so I was wondering who he is. Can anyone help me?
Team RHAI by Devir65514
Basically, its an OC Team. I can give you the names, but you have to ask me for their specific details (e.g. Aura, Semblance, Weapon)

Leader: Ray Ryan, the guy on the utmost left. He fights slowly, rarely shows his real strength.

Members: Igarashi, Haru, Beside Ray. He's a ninja, no doubt about it.
                 Annabelle Brown. She has a split personality, that's really bloody. Both possessive and obssessive yandere, She's a fox faunus by the way. She likes Haru...a more accurate saying is that, she's obssessed with Haru but Haru doesn't mind.
                 Itacen Jini. The 'Blake' of the group. Nobody knows much about him. I plan to ship him with Weiss in my fanfic. He's very a dad or calm bro. 

I didn't digi-art does nor do I know how so I simply adjusted the color and stuff for you guys to not have a hard time looking at it.

That's all. See you in year or two again haahhaha!
It is March 5,2013

     I finally found my eraser yay! But I guess with a good thing comes with a price. Our guitar performance is nearing school is near and Im on probation which is a good thing than transferring to another school. Still im not giving up and i know i can get through this if i get serious.


Lance Piolo Joson
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Really just a guy who makes a lot of fanarts but doesnt get to post them cause that guy is a dedicated gamer

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